Day 10

“You can feel sore tomorrow, or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You choose.”

That quote is pertinent today. I increased my squats from 10 to 20 per set on Monday. Today I pushed it to 25 (for 3 sets). Ouch. I may be feeling that tomorrow! I certainly had tired, burny muscles at the end of each set.

Daily summary:

Yay! I made it to double digits. I’m definitely feeling better — less bloated and inflamed. I felt “thinner” when I was out and about today, because I wasn’t bloated. I’m really loving the daily scorecard. Sometimes it’s frustrating to have to do every little thing, but that’s exactly what’s keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Mark’s Daily Apple had an interesting article today on why you shouldn’t burn more than 4000 calories per week through exercise. I’m nowhere near that, but the article may have convinced me that I need to up my exercise. Apparently there’s a sweet spot that results in maximum benefits (and more than that results in really bad things). I need to figure out how many calories I’m burning now, and then weigh my options.

Scorecard — perfect day #10:


  • Number of days with a perfect score card: 10
  • Number of days without sugar: 10
  • Number of days without wheat: 10
  • Number of days I did my prescribed Convict Conditioning workout: 10
  • Number of days I’ve walked after every meal: 10

My workout today:

  • Pullups 1: 3 x 30
  • Squat 2: 3 x 25

Meals for the day:

Breakfast: Back to the usual — bacon, eggs, and a shake

Lunch: Chicken curry soup

Dinner: Lamb on a bed of baby arugula, crumbled blue cheese, and pomegranate with balsamic vinegar. I LOVE this. Oh, a couple of parmesan crisps with it too.


About Ximera

Ximera Grey is a pseudonymn for a writer and published author living in the Pacific NW. She enjoys dogs, horses, skiing, and fitness.

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